Production Process

The production process takes place with minimal human contact to eliminate any chance of contamination. Our FDA registered plant is fully equipped to pasteurise the milk and maintain a sterile environment.

Our production process start with milk being received from the local farmers. It is then pasteurised and skimmed. This skimmed milk is curdled by adding lime juice. Once the curd is formed, these cheese curds is pressed into molds. Hard pressed cheese is then dried and aged in a temperature and humidity controlled environment. The finished product is packaged and shipped for the pets to enjoy as a healthy treat


Organic feed consuming Yaks are milked

Our dog chews are derived from the milk of yaks, grazing freely above the range of 4000m. Due to the altitude of the grazing areas, the grass has never been contaminated from any antibodies or pesticides which makes them completely organic. Thus, the milk is completely naturally occurring.


Milk is pasteurized, Buttermilk is extracted & thickened

The yak milk is then pasteurized properly to eliminate all pathogens that naturally are present in the milk. The farmers then use centuries old techniques to extract the butter which creates fat-free buttermilk which are core to the dog chews. The extracted buttermilk is then thickened through further boiling to enrich its texture and nutrient content.


Milk protein is coagulated and strained

The thickened liquid is strained and lactose is removed along with the whey protein. Yak milk cheese curds are separated as farmers move a step closer to finishing their batch of yak milk chews. Virtually all lactose present in the cheese is removed along with the liquid portion.


Cheese is shaped, dried and aged

The cheese is then shaped organically by the farmers by pressing it into jute bags and forming cheese slabs. These slabs are then dried and left to age until the process is complete. The dog chew is NOT smoked as smoked chews contain various carcinogens which induce different cancers in dogs.


Hard cheese is brined, cleaned and inspected

Hardened solid yak milk cheese blocks are dipped into a handmade salt solution, which makes the chews last longer without using any preservatives. After they’ve been dipped, the all-natural dog chews are thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any flaws.


Chews are dried, sorted and packed

The yak milk dog chews are dried again for good measure before being sorted into groupings of the different sizes. They’re now ready to be packed up and for your pets to enjoy.

Size Chart

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